APPLIED FORENSICS    by the owner, Frank A Stephenson, P.E., CFC

It is tempting to list what types of services we DO NOT provide, so here goes:

We DO NOT :  investigate car accidents; residential fires and/or explosions; residential development contractor disputes; property damage with criminal intent; utility rate assessments and/or negotiations; or workman's compensation claims where personal injury is an issue.

We DO the following:

Industrial fires, explosions, equipment failures, process engineering issues, materials of construction, corrosion, chemical storage/delivery/compatibility, high purity water treatment problems, non-sanitary sewage treatment issues, valves and actuator problems, reverse osmosis and/or ion exchange and pre-treatment thereto.

Contractor claims for: changed conditions; materials overrun; change orders; design error and/or omission issues; geotechnical, foundation, and structural failures.

‚ÄčLiability of State Departments for engineering design errors, failure of due diligence, and/or construction inspection negligence.

Tunnel design, construction methods, equipment selection, squeezing ground issues. (Note: 52 ft. dia. largest personally experienced.)

Industrial Water Chemistry; Corrosion of Nuclear Power Plant Structural Materials; Radiation Damage of Nuclear Power Plant Pressure Vessel Steels.

Contaminated groundwater and/or soil remediation.

Vertical pump Reed critical frequency calculations, anchor bolt design and specification, and failure analysis.

Product liability through product failure analysis.

We will perform second opinions on expert testimony, reports, etc.